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Entry #5

Im back from the dead

2010-12-01 19:44:20 by LloYdFaZe

well i finally came back from my long absence and am ready to show you me and my friends art work! We got permission from the mayor to do this, so dont rage lol. FEEDBACK!

Im back from the dead


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2010-12-01 20:18:30

Ahhh! your'e back!?!

LloYdFaZe responds:



2011-03-19 19:09:05

Now this is bloody amazing. Ive always loved this kind of elongated art.

LloYdFaZe responds:

Thanks for the great comment!


2012-11-25 03:28:08

You're a fucking moron. Not only have I seen 3 of your pieces of artwork elsewhere (not signed with your bloody name), but this one says 'Julian Beever' right in the goddamn corner. Come on, it's like you're not even trying.