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Im back from the dead

2010-12-01 19:44:20 by LloYdFaZe

well i finally came back from my long absence and am ready to show you me and my friends art work! We got permission from the mayor to do this, so dont rage lol. FEEDBACK!

Im back from the dead

Well here it is.

2010-09-23 19:06:38 by LloYdFaZe

Me and 5 other friends worked so long and hard on this piece. Hope you enjoy so much.

Well here it is.

Fun art

2010-09-21 19:09:45 by LloYdFaZe

I am working on a piece that took me from the last piece up until now. It will be INSANE.


Finished my 2month peice of shit. God damnit i worked hard on this


2010-02-27 23:33:39 by LloYdFaZe

Erm ima start making videos for newgrounds... anyone wanna help in voice acting? =]